Kindness Connects is a not-for-profit organization founded with the sole purpose of encouraging acts of kindness. Its founder Brian Clarke says:

“As a life coach, my aim is to help people take control of their lives through a higher level of understanding – in particular of the way each person’s values and beliefs shape the world that we all share. Acts of kindness break social patterns and disrupt selfish and unwarranted behaviour.

An act of kindness not only makes a difference to the person receiving it. It also transforms the day of each giver – and his or her life. While it can be something delivered with no thought of return, in practice there is a return as each of us begins to share the great feeling of caring.”

What’s more, it’s free!

And that is why the accumulation of many small things, kind acts, will demonstrate the profound truth of our proposition: that each touch of kindness connects us all.

  • Why Kindness matters: every act of kindness – whether performed for another or received from another – will transform someone’s day. It’s the strongest possible proof of our common humanity.
  • What difference does Kindness make: as human beings we are hard-wired to do good things for each other. Performing such acts, with no thought of a return will, bit by bit, act by act, prove life-changing for giver and receiver alike.
  • How you can make a difference, by doing a kindness and giving a Kindness Card – so that your Kindness can be passed onwards.
  • In each of these ways, and one by one, every one of us can help to change the world.