Jersey Kindness Festival

Saturday 19th September 2015

Kindness Connects is launching Jersey’s first Kindness Festival.  The aim is to raise awareness of the simple human quality of caring.

Kindness Connects seeks to change society by encouraging acts of kindness. Our only purpose is to help put into practice those compassionate instincts that lead to better relations between all peoples, everywhere.  We do this by promoting and encouraging acts of kindness and the positive changes they produce in us, leading in turn to a better society in which we can all flourish. Our intention is to become a growing, global movement for a world of better relationships under our inspiring message: ‘Each touch of kindness connects us all’.

Kindness is the single most significant quality that distinguishes us as humans. It marks our shared humanity.

The Kindness festival takes place harbour-side at St Aubin on Saturday 19 September, from 10am to 4.30pm.  Each of the Charities at the Festival is doing an activity that contributes to making this festival a fun and free day out for all the Family.  There will be live music throughout the day, including choirs and individual instrumentalists.

All you have to do is come along to St Aubin on the 19th September to enjoy the day under our inspiring message: ‘Each touch of kindness connects us all’.

Kindness Connects is inviting Jersey’s social-minded businesses – together with the Island’s caring organisations and charities – to demonstrate their support for Kindness-In-Action through the Kindness Festival.

There are three ways businesses can support the festival:

1) Join the St Aubin traders and other businesses who will be making Kindness-In-Action their theme for the Festival Week in order to raise funds for the charities taking part…for instance:

  • Restaurants could offer a special Kindness Festival Menu that includes a set amount to be paid to the Kindness Charities Fund…or create a special Kindness Dish, donating the price paid by each customer who orders it to the Kindness Festival Charity Fund
  • Shops could create a Kindness Festival offer: for instance, a 2-for-1, 3-for-2, or a special sale donating a % of the price to the Kindness Charities Fund.

2) Join the charities and other organisations that are running a stall on the day in front of St Brelades Parish Hall.  All we ask is that you make it as interesting as possible so that everyone can enjoy a fun day! For example, you could run a competition for children, organise a cooking demonstration, start a treasure hunt for families…

3) Sponsor the Festival to help cover the cost of advertising, other publicity and media releases.


There are tangible benefits for the local businesses that take part and support the Festival.

Every business will receive a free A3-size poster to demonstrate they are taking part, with space to add their own message about their special Festival offer – plus a logo they can add to their website.

Every organisation taking a stall will also receive a free A3-size poster to display plus a logo for their website.

Everyone that wants to take a stand for the day should get in touch as soon as possible as space in front of St Brelades Parish Hall is limited and two-thirds of spaces are already taken.

If you want to come along, find out more or sponsor the festival, please contact us.