Some people have the luxury of going to life coaches and having their lives changed for the better. The interaction that Kindness Connects offers is easier to achieve. What’s more, it’s free! Our life- changing proposition is to invite people to do random acts of kindness. This has the double effect of being nice for the person who receives the kindness and immensely beneficial to the person who performs the kindness.

Doing a kindness generates a sense of well-being and enhances both individuals’ enjoyment of the way they experience the world. To encourage these random acts of kindness we are giving away Kindness Connects Cards, so that when doing an act of kindness, the card can be given to encourage the person who receives the kindness to pass it on.

It is as simple as that. Do a kindness, give a card asking the person to pass the kindness on.

This puts a smile onto the face of two people who didn’t have a smile before, giving both of them a better experience of the world in which they live. When a whole group of people start to do this a neighbourhood changes. When society begins to do it the happiness of a country changes.

Be part of the movement. Start it right where you are! Step out and do a kind act!

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