Kindness Connects Cards are reminders of the real values that each act of kindness delivers.

We offer two types of Kindness Cards: Personal Cards and Sponsored Cards. Both share the same purpose: to remind the receiver of a kindness to pass that kindness onwards to others.

One side of each Card carries the Kindness Connects website address – together with multiple messages that reflect the compassionate values inspiring us. These include: kindness matters, gratitude, unity, sharing, thanks, compassion, community, thanks, and care.

The other side of each card displays the message: “Each touch of kindness connects us all” together with the practical encouragement to…”Pass It On”. That is, having received an act of kindness yourself, to perform one in your turn – for a friend, family member or (best of all) to a complete stranger.

Personal Cards

We’re providing Kindness Cards for free to individuals.  All you have to do is fill in this form, and we’ll send you half a dozen of the personal cards, pictured below for your own use, completely free.

We do rely on support from sponsors to allow us to provide free personal cards, so if you’re a business or with to support us as a private individual, please consider supporting us via Sponsored Cards.

Personal Cards
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Sponsored Cards

To enable us to give away free cards away to personal applicants, we are inviting sponsors to buy cards from us – adding their name to each card as a Kindness Connects Sponsor.

We have templates for any business owner who would like to sponsor the Kindness Connects movement by using the cards throughout their organisation as well as discussing other ways to support the work of Kindness Connects. Private individuals are also welcome to sponsor a personalized card and have their own name inserted in the sponsor’s space.

Sponsored cards (examples pictured below) are available in multiples of 250 normally up to 1,500 – or more, if required. Please get in touch with us if you would like to sponsor cards, letting us know how many cards you would like. On our website we will publish a list of all sponsors who either order at least 1,500 cards – or donate to our cause a gift of a similar or greater value.

Sponsored Cards
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